Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Heaven Can Wait

Warren Beatty, 1978 (8.8*)
A remake of the 40’s classic, Here Comes Mr. Jordan, Warren Beatty stars as a football player (instead of the original boxer), Joe, struck by a car while riding his bike, and an impatient angel played by Buck Henry, who co-authored the screenplay, grabs his soul before he’s really dead. This naturally creates havoc in heaven, especially from head angel James Mason, kind of a death accountant, who is royally ticked.

Joe’s allowed to come back but in another body, unfortunately the one he eventually ends up with is a wealthy capitalist, married to Dyan Cannon, who's trying to murder him with accomplice Charles Grodin, hilarious as usual, as the millionaire's personal secretary and his wife's lover. Of course he survives, then meets Julie Christie, who is attacking his company for it's 'profits at all human cost' mentality. Jack Warner gives his best performance as Beatty’s coach. Very well written, totally enjoyable, they pulled it off: a classic remake of a classic!

Quote: You ought to be canonized! (Charles Grodin to Dyan Cannon)
Quote2: If he weren't about to be murdered, he would need years of psychotherapy. (Grodin)


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