Tuesday, September 2, 2008

E.T.: The Extra-terrestrial

Dir: Steven Spielberg, 1982 (10*)

AFI Top 100
This lovable kids sf film revolves around an alien botanist who gets stranded on earth when his shipmates panic when discovered and take off in a hurry. He eventually is discovered by some kids, led by Henry Thomas, who shelter and take care of him. The creature is dubbed "E.T." for extra-terrestrial being, and eventually becomes both homesick and physically sick from being out of his element, so the kids want to help him contact his fellow beings. In this film, the adults and scientists are the bad guys, the kids and aliens are the good guys. In Spielberg's hands this became a modern parable about racism, caring, and understanding, and an all-time science fiction and children's classic. 4 Oscars


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